The Winter Mess: An Album

It’s spring in Berlin now.

I sincerely hope so.

Time to get busy and shed off those extra winter pounds. Time to clean the closet. Time to make use of all the winter pictures that have been sitting dormant and useless in my drive. I am not a winter person – two winters have made that clear. I like the snow, but winter in Berlin is 91 % the greyness and dullness and 9% the snow-blanketed winter wonderland. So here’s the 9% good part of winter.


Let’s pretend those are Salzstange
Gloveless and playing with snow in below zero temp: bad idea I can tell you

Here’s a list of my favourite places in Berlin in winter (when there is snow):

  • Drachenberg
  • Neuer See at Tiergarten (It’s an all-season favourite.)
  • Schlosspark Charlottenburg (quiet and regal)
  • Volkspark PBerg (because it’s five minutes away)

I don’t go out much in winter because it’s too cold, it’s too damn cold, it’s just too goddamn cold. After New Year’s Eve, I just start the depressingly long countdown to warmer days and greenery.


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