The Box

There is a big sharing community in Berlin, evident in all the facebook groups around.

My favorite has always been Free Your Stuff Berlin – which I joined back in January 2015. I got a lucky clover, a corkboard, and some German novels out of it, but it’s been ages since I’ve been active on it.

Yesterday, Gaurav sent me a photo of a box he was going to pick up, and naïve as I am, I ended up agreeing to slavery and went along with him.

It was a beautiful bright spring day with only the gentlest breeze every now and then. I completely missed spring last year (a.k.a. The Year of Two Autumns), and this year was my first chance to fully experience spring. I’ve been watching the trees closely, and I am still at awe at the speed the leaves are sprouting. They just started growing out yesterday, today it already feels like it will be completely out tomorrow.

It was quite a lovely neighbourhood, a little stretch from U-Bahnhof Moritzplatz, but nice and quiet and dotted with park patches all around. We came back home with a box of books in four languages: English, German, French, and Spanish.

The best part of the day was finding out that I finally got my hands on one of Kerri Smith’s books to wreck – for free! And there is no one to challenge its being mine because Gaurav doesn’t speak German.






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