3 Things to Love about Innsbruck

IMG_3789.JPGNature is literally all around.

Nestled in the Tyrolean Alps, you will see the mountains rising above you whichever direction you look. There are hike trails all around and you can be on your way up the Nordkette within twenty minutes of walking from the main train station. You can catch a train, bus, or chairlift to any of the trails around town or if you feel like truly leaving the city, simply to the next town. The network of hiking trails in the Innsbruck region is vast! You can walk for a day – or a week.


IMG_3700.JPGInnsbruck is Austria in microcosm.

Small cities are like big cities, except with less of everything. 
Innsbruck is a very livable small city. Public transport is great, the city is quite compact and it is bike- and pedestrian-friendly. The locals are laid-back and very outgoing. There is not much of a consumer culture in this region. A lot of the locals just start heading up the mountain trails for a short hike or their daily run in the afternoon. Maybe it’s just the mountain air, but life in Innsbruck seems so relaxed.

Men in Lederhosen

There are a lot of breakfast clubs in the city and plenty of the Austrian coffee culture we all want to experience. Unlike so many European cities, the Altstadt is actually not a tourist ripoff and the cafés there are frequented by locals.

There is no shortage of Austrian fare and with the activity that comes with the Innsbruck lifestyle, no reason to think twice about getting an Apfelstrudel with your coffee or having that Kaiserschmarrn for breakfast. You’ll burn the calories… eventually.

And men in Lederhosen?  ✓



The best drinking water in the world – free, as it should be.

Innsbruck has extremely high-quality water straight from the Alps and there are drinking fountains all around the city and along the hiking trails. It’s quite crazy to think that the same water you use to shower is of the same quality as the one you drink.


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