Latte Macchiato

I never liked the feel of foam on my lips,
And the minuscule air packets that went with the sips.
I always insisted coffee be black and bitter-
As the nights that dragged after all the evanescent glitter.

Sitting on an armchair alone in the dim room,
While everyone else chose to sit where the flowers bloom,
I fell as low as one could go,
Yet the darkness kept stretching endlessly below.

There had never been a hand to pull me up.
I only ever got sips of life in another cup.
My dark bitter drug – I’ve learned to mellow you down,
Learned to appreciate the gentleness in town.

Café Knorke is one of my favourite cafés in Berlin. Located in a quiet neighbourhood in Friedrichshain, time seems to stand still here. The wooden floors and East German furnishings certainly evoke nostalgia (or Ostalgie for some people). Wi-Fi is very fast and reliable and I almost always have the whole place to myself in the early afternoon. It has become a living room to me- very gemütlich. And as a bonus, you can practice your German with the owner.


Café Knorke
Bötzowstraße 18,
10407 Berlin


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